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Past Events

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Jan 12, 2019 | Hero City at Draper University


Global Finblock Forum

500+ Attendees, 20+ Blockchain Project, 50+ Speakers, and 100+ VCs joined us to discuss financial blockchain products trends.



May 6, 2018 | Santa Clara Convention Center


Global Blockchain Tech Expo

1,000+ Attendees, 70+ Blockchain Project, 50+ Speakers, and 100+ VCs joined us for the 1st ever event on distribution ledger.

Event Services

Event Services

Event planning

A customized event plan, including selecting the most suitable venue, picking an event date based on market projections, and creating an optimal event agenda.


Event organizing

Invite speakers from leading blockchain companies, promote the event via multiple media channels, and publish event info on the official website and social media.

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onsite events

Monitor the operation of site equipment and event's schedule, record the event and publish news in real-time, conduct exclusive interviews with guests/speakers. 

event promotion

Pre-Event: Event info on BlockTrain's website and global media partners. Event Day: Real-time posts and news on social media. Post-Event: Reports, articles and interview videos.

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